Handling Hair Loss From Chemotherapy: What You Should Know

4 October 2018
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When you have cancer and are told by your doctor that you need chemotherapy as a part of your treatment regimen, you may feel apprehensive about the treatment. Chemotherapy is a highly effective form of cancer treatment, but it also comes with many side effects. One of those side effects is the potential for hair loss. There are ways that you can deal with the potential for hair loss when you are going through chemotherapy. Read More 

A Few Options For Human Hair Replacement

11 July 2018
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While many men have decided to shave their hair and go bald, it should be an option, not something that happens and you have to deal with. Whether you have thinning hair, completely lost your hair, or have bald spots, there are human hair replacement systems that can give you a full head of hair again.  This hair will be the color, length, and thickness you choose. While it will not grow, people will think you are very good at keeping your haircut appointments. Read More 

Preparing For Laser Hair Removal Treatment: Three Helpful Tips

23 April 2018
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Whether you are self-conscious about your body hair or you simply want to skip the hassle of regular shaving, you may decide that laser hair removal is the best option for you. To prepare for this treatment, there are a few things you'll want to do to help ensure your skin and hair are ready for treatment. Here are some things to keep in mind before you head to your hair removal appointment. Read More 

Everything You Need To Know about Electrolysis

26 February 2018
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Electrolysis is a way to get rid of unwanted hair on the body permanently. It can be used by all hair types and colors, and it can get rid of hair anywhere on your body. This method should only be performed by a professional - this is not an at-home treatment. See below for more information about electrolysis if you have unwanted hair that you want to get rid of. Read More