3 Tips To Prevent Beard Dandruff

15 June 2015
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Although you might love the look of your beard, there is probably one thing that you don't like about it -- the potential to develop beard dandruff. Luckily, you don't have to shave off your beard just to avoid this common problem. Instead, try these tips to help prevent dandruff from developing within your beard. 1. Stay Hydrated Since dandruff is caused by dry skin, it makes sense that it can come from not being properly hydrated. Read More 

The Latest Trend: Hair Tapestry

5 June 2015
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A few years ago, it was feathers. Then it was dip-dying just the bottom of long hair. And new the newest trend to add oomph to your hair is hair tapestry! Tapestry Tapestry is the ancient art of weaving together different colors of threads to create a picture. Generally hung on walls as large pieces of art, tapestries graced many castles and fine homes in medieval times. They were often not just pictures, but were created to show the history of an area or family. Read More 

Weight-Loss Body Wraps You Can Luxuriate In

6 April 2015
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Going to the spa? In addition to facials and beauty treatments that leave your skin supple and smooth, many facilities offer weight-reducing body wraps that can help slim your silhouette while letting you feel pampered and relaxed all at once. When considering your next spa treatment, think about getting a weight-loss body wrap in addition to a facial or massage. How weight-loss body wraps work Body wraps to encourage weight loss are designed in one of two ways- they either contain a mixture of minerals and natural clays and seaweeds that draw water out of the body, or they have a combination of ingredients that purge toxins out of the body and encourage cells to release unwanted fat. Read More 

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: 5 Laser Hair Removal Techniques

26 February 2015
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An excess amount of hair in unwanted places can be bothersome, embarrassing, and leave you feeling unattractive. If you've been thinking about getting rid of pesky hair through laser removal treatment but don't know which method is best, consult the list below to find out which technique might be best for you.  Pulsed Light (IPL) This technique is also trademarked as Ultimate Light, and is performed using one of many different machines. Read More